Product certification, labelling and packaging

Goods should be packed to provide protection against extreme heat and humidity, storage in the open and possible unloading into lighters. The UAE Ministry of Health requires all pharmaceutical imports to be carried under temperature controlled conditions of 25 degrees centigrade. Outer containers should bear the consignee’s mark and the port mark in Arabic, this is essential, as most wharf labourers cannot read English. Labels of imported goods/food need to have the following standard information and should be in English and Arabic:
  • product and brand
  • ingredients, in descending order of proportion
  • additives using their ‘E’ numbers (group names are also accepted)
  • the origin of all animal fats
  • net contents in metric units
  • production and expiry date
  • country of origin
  • manufacturer’s name and address
  • special storage and preparation instructions, if any.

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