Travelling around Dubai to get easier with new transport links

New metro tunnelling in Dubai, plus new bus service to Sharjah

We love exploring every corner of our city and the planned improvements to Dubai’s metro system will make it a whole lot easier.Dubai Road and Transport Authority has announced the completion of key tunnelling works of the Route 2020 Project, which will see a 15km extension of the metro’s Red Line. The completed phase stretches 3.2km at a depth ranging from 12 to 36 metres and will stretch from Nakheel Harbour and Tower Station right up to the site of the Expo, with seven new stations as well as an upgrade to the existing metro network. Work on the metro viaducts is set to be completed in November and all railway works of the project will be accomplished in July 2019, with the trial run of the metro extension starting in February 2020. Travel from Dubai to Sharjah is also now more convenient. A new bus route has launched amid growing demand and means there are now six more buses going between the emirates every day. The E311 bus route will have a journey time of 30 minutes between Rashidiya Metro Station in Dubai and Al Jubail Bus Station in Sharjah. Route E311 passes through Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road to enter Sharjah, serving the following bus stops: Industrial Area’s National Paints, Maliha Road Industrial Area Intersection, Maliha Road Sabah Industries, Maliha Road GECO Minerwa and Maliha Road Municipality Office, Maliha Road 2nd Industrial Junction, Maliha Road 2nd Industrial Junction, Maliha Road J&P Junction, Maliha Road Maza Signal Junction, Maliha Road Maza Signal Junction, King Faisal Road Maza Signal Junction, King Faisal Road Bridge, King Faisal Road Jumbo (Sony), King Faisal Road ADNOC Petrol Station and King Faisal Road Gold Souq (Old), and Al Jubail Station.

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