UAE plans $23bn investment to develop airports

The UAE is set to invest nearly AED85bn ($23.16bn) in airport development and expansion projects in a bid to handle more than 300 million travellers per annum. There are 14 airports, airstrips and airfields served by 113 airlines in the UAE, with total yearly takeoff and landings exceeding 540,000. At present, AED30bn ($8bn) has been invested to develop Al Maktoum International Airport and AED28bn ($7.6bn) for the expansion of Phase IV of Dubai International Airport. Additionally, Abu Dhabi International Airport is being developed with an investment of AED25bn ($6.8bn) and Sharjah International Airport is undergoing an AED1.5bn ($408.36m) investment to expand its terminal. With the ongoing airport development projects, the four national carriers of the UAE are expected to serve more than 75 million travellers per year. UAE General Civil Aviation Authority director-general Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi said: “The Global Investment in Aviation Summit is UAE’s testament on how far we have achieved and of our commitment to push the nation to be a global pioneer in this field. “The glass ceiling is not too high to break as we have mounted unimaginable innovations. Yet, looking forward, we know that we can still do more. “In fact, conservatively, we anticipate accommodating 118 million passengers by 2023 at Dubai International Airport, and 120 million passengers upon completion of phase two of Dubai World Central, and 200 million passengers upon its completion, all in ultra-modern infrastructure that match, if not surpass, the best in the world.”

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